About Me

In 2019 my healing journey began with crystals. I took a class with my mom to learn how to wrap crystals. Our teachers were Jem and Vael of Crystals Art Love. I immediately fell in love with the craft and I haven't stopped ever since. I hope my art can bring you as much joy as it has brought me. 

From there I began learning the energetics of manifestation, which truly began to transform my life. Material things began to easily flow to me and I wanted to learn more! I took an annual program by To Be Magnetic which taught me the basic formula of manifestation.

After a year of dedication to my manifestation practice life hit me really hard. A family event pulled me out of my healing journey and back into living my life in survival mode. Six months later I knew I needed more tools to help me deal with life's unknowns, so I enrolled in Bela Divine's Divine Alignment Activator program. This program has truly changed my life, in the best possible way. I now have so many tools that help me deal with the trauma of my past, and the things yet to come.

I feel so confident in who I am and my abilities that I want to share everything I've learned with the world and with YOU! I offer a Manifestation Program, an Abundance Workshop and 1:1 calls with me!